Saints Row: The Third event makes a Smooth Criminal out of gamers

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Saints-Row-3-Event-Sydney-Nov-2011-065The Saints Row the Third event in Sydney was something that required some pretty smooth criminals. The event was mainly directed at making the event goers feel like they were part of the game, rather than showcasing the game itself. And with a game that is going against GTA and relies on its craziness, Saints Row brought that element to the event.

With a pole dance show being put on to ‘enhance’ the showing of the trailers (read: get all the press guys hot under the collar and draw attention away from what they had probably already seen), a slick venue, and some pretty awesome photo opportunities (with props!) THQ had it covered.

The event itself felt less like a game preview (barring some of the attendants) and more like a night out with an unlimited bar tab, and a VIP feel, along with some weirdly on-fire stunts (NB: These happened after the pole dance session, so most were not capable of processing what had happened).


There were game trials, of course, and these played well. As always, the ridiculously fantastical element of Saints Row is well at play. The customisation effect is also fantastic, if you can see some of the avatars we were playing with. The game was GTA-but-cooler. Like, all the things you wanted to do in GTA but couldn’t because a dildo-bat wasn’t available (that MasterAbbott never end up finding)

Overall, THQ provided an event that felt like Saints Row, ridiculous, fancy, overstated, and ridiculous once more. It was a true Man’s Night Out, except in a good way.


Check out the ridiculous shots of what we got up to in the event.

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BRB, playing games.