Humble Games introduce the Introversion Bundle

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Ever wanted to play conceptually brilliant games that take innovation to a new level, while at the same time being able to choose how much you pay for the game and how it will be distributed amongst developers and other parties, then look no further. Humble games have announced the Introversion pack, that comes with 4 games, 2 prototypes and the chance to unlock 2 further games by paying a tiny bit over the average. Oh and just to add a cherry to the top, you also can choose to donate part or all of your payment to charity.

Included in the Introversion pack is something for every aspiring warlord and cyber criminal as you take on roles ranging from an international hacker in “Uplink”, through to DEFCON master, waging war on all those who oppose you. Also included in the pack is Darwinia, the award wining arcade strategy set in a virtual world and its multiplayer companion, Multiwinia, allowing up to 4 players to compete.

Check out the trailer to get an idea of what these marvels entail and if you also want to add Aquaria and Crayon Physics deluxe to your arsenal, be sure to give a little more than the average bear when paying for your games. Any to anyone who wants to know, the average price for these DRM free games on Windows is a paltry $3.25 so  excuse for not helping out a studio that has raised over 2.5 million dollars so far.


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