Free Battlefield 3 dog tags available through Dr. Pepper promotion


Dr. Pepper fans can rejoice! Their favorite mutli-flavored soda pop of choice can now earn them free content for Battlefield 3. Announced earlier today Dr Pepper and EA have teamed up to provide a Battlefield 3 promotion that allow drinkers of Dr Pepper to enter in a code at the Dr Pepper website and redeem themselves some free multiplayer content.

The content available for Battlefield 3 is a multiplayer skin as well as a PS Home Avatar, but the true highlights are the dog tags that you can obtain. The dog tags seen above, as compiled by Shack News, are able to be redeemed one at a time through each code you find. Internet goers may notice that a number of these tags feature various internet memes. Can you guess which ones? Unfortunately for international viewers, the promotion only runs for United States residents.

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