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The 3DS is going to have a good Christmas. With the release of two of it’s biggest games just around the corner, Nintendo’s latest portable will no doubt feel the benefit of the phenomenon that is the Mario Effect. Mario Kart 7 (December 3) And Super Mario 3D Land (November 24) will bring a double dose of the plumber and his pals in full 3D. 

Nintendo Australia held a hands on preview event for the two titles yesterday, giving a few of the CC crew a chance to test out all the latest in platforming and karting from the Nintendo universe. Hosted at the Hotel CBD in Sydney, the venue was lined with 3DS’s ready to roll, and Tanooki was the word of the night.

A bit of Mario Kart 7 multiplayer was foiled early on – not yet! A bit of practice time ensued, including getting to grips with the new flying and underwater sections, gyroscope control from a first person view, and a few new weapons to add to all the finish line drama (although nothing will ever top that blue shell). 

After a brief appearance from the man himself (actually a woman for the evening, equipped with an in suit fan and ice vest!), Nintendo started off their presentation- showing off some gameplay footage and the new features of each title. Of course the evening wouldn’t have been complete without a Mario Kart 7 tournament, and one brief race later, the CC team found themselves down one remote control Mario. Do’h!

Amidst a bevvy of spring rolls and miniature choc tops, Super Mario 3D Land was in full swing. The 3D effect took a bit of getting used to, but any game that’s a mixture of Super Mario Land and Super Mario 64 can’t go far wrong. Tanooki suit pick ups were plentiful, and the 3DS’s were (sadly but sensibly) wired to their podiums.

 And then the Mario Kart 7 multiplayer began. Platters of food were suddenly of no consequence, it was competition time! The gyroscope controls were by all accounts a hit, and kart customisation definitely brings a welcome new sense of personalisation to the racing.  But the most important thing? It’s Mario Kart, back and as fantastic as ever.

There’s no doubt that bringing Mario to the 3DS is going to do wonders for the handheld. Nintendo have got themselves a perfect Christmas line up, and the double whammy of the multiplayer magic of Mario Kart 7 and the classic platforming of Super Mario 3D Land will no doubt sway many gamers as yet undecided about the 3DS.

Thanks of course to Nintendo Australia, and all the promotional staff who kept a close eye on those consoles!

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  1. Having already picked up my street-date-broken copy of Mario 3D Land (thanks, apparently-illegal Gametraders imports!), and it is amazing. This is what the 3DS needs.

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