VVVVVV arriving on 3DS eShop later this year

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Up for an intersting challenge? Well Terry Cavanagh’s interesting title VVVVVV is making the jump from being available only on the PC to being available soon on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. This release comes courtesy of Nicalis who is also developing Cave Story 3D which will be released later this year on the 3DS.

The move provides VVVVVV with full 3D and will also take place on both the top and bottom screen of the 3DS with the map on the bottom offering directions and of course the top for navigating. The 3DS will also see a number of new levels added to the original version as well as future update through the system’s spotpass service. Currently there is no price estimate but it’s always good to see an Indie title make it to a handheld.

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