Oh, Japan! – #8 Please Explain

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Oh, Japan! is a weekly feature in which I chronicle the wierd, wacky and just plain crazy goings on in Japan. Because we all know, Japan is prone to doing things that make us Westerners say “Oh, Japan!”.

We have had video games, prank shows, music videos, game shows, commercials, anime and now we flip the tables, with a Japanese woman taking on Western culture.

Mika, is a popular Japanese youtuber, who takes it upon herself to try and explain in english, various things from Western culture. In this particularly humorous clip, Mika attempts to explain Star Wars. Watch on as Mika leaves you with only two words on your mind: “Oh, Japan!”

Senior Editor & Anime Specialist


  1. LOL there are just too many funny OH JAPAN moments in this … just watch and laugh 😉

  2. Ha ha he just punches inside the death star!

    So subscribing to this chick on Youtube! haha

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