Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle set to challenge you

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Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle has been released by Konami Digital for the Nintendo 3DS. Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle comes from the same world famous puzzle maker who also gave us the lifetime gift of Sudoku. The game includes 600 brain teasers, bound to exercise and challenge your mind. They fall under four different game play types, Sudoku, Hashi, Shikaku and Akari.

For those of you who don’t know these games off the top of your head; Sudoku is the great numbers game utilizing three-by-three squares, Hashi required you to quickly link all the islands on screen with bridges, matching on screen numbers with the islands with connected together, Shikaku where you divide the board into rectangles where each piece has to be included with the digit that will be the size of the boxes, and Akari where you light up an entire hall without overlapping the lighting with the number of lights given and the light illuminating until it hits a wall.

Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle will certainly give Brain Training a run for it’s money, so it’s perfect for those of you who love to challenge yourselves.

For more information, and to buy the game go HERE.

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