Magic Formula explodes onto iTunes

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Magic Formula has been released on the iTunes store for those of you who love it when your games actually make you feel like you’re thinking. Magic Formula is a game that is focused on problem solving, not a game that hides behind other genres and sneaks a puzzle in every now and again. Magic Formula is obvious with its puzzles, it smacks you in the face with them and deceives you with its apparent simplicity and sneaky difficulty. This is a game that’s going to take you more than the standard hour or so to complete, with a depth that’s bound to surprise you.

There are 140 levels of puzzle fun, with seven evolution stages for you to go through. Watch the gameplay trailer for it below. It definitely looks like one of those games that starts off easy but it’s not too long before it kicks you in the ass.

Magic Formula is available for $1.99 at the iTunes store – BUY NOW

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