DanceDanceRevolution II – Now Available on Wii

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Konami has announced that DanceDanceRevolution II is finally available for the Wii console. Loaded with additional content, you will have over 80 tracks to test your dancing prowess.

Some of the titles included:

“More Than Alive”The Ready Set
“Somebody To Love”Justin Bieber
“Whip My Hair”Willow
“Just The Way You Are”Bruno Mars
“Nothin’ On You (feat. Bruno Mars)”B.o.B.
“Only Girl (In The World)”Rihanna
“This Time I Know It’s For Real”Donna Summer
“Baby ft. Ludacris”Justin Bieber
“Just A Dream”Nelly
“Beautiful Monster”Ne-Yo
“Can’t Be Tamed”Miley Cyrus
“Don’t You Want Me”The Human League
“Beautiful Monster”Ne-Yo
“Spice up your life”Spice Girls

Doubleplay, an unique feature that can challenge elite players, means to play DanceDanceRevolution II on single player with TWO controller mats. If you didn’t think the game was intense before, you got another thing coming.

Additionally, new playable characters are available as well as the perk of utilizing created Miis. Advancing further in customization, players will be able to track the amount of calories they have potentially lost during their workout.

Check out Konami‘s website for additional information on DanceDanceRevolution II (HERE).

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  1. Way to much Justin Beiber in there for my taste.
    Actually just way to many American artists. I like my DDR with electronic dance music and J-Pop.

    “Doubleplay” has pretty much been in DDR games from the beginning.

    I’ll be passing up this one. But I will be getting out my PS2 dance mat and going to town on the older DDR’s soon.

  2. I do agree that there is too much Bieber.

    I prefer the originals myself, but I really enjoyed the latter Guitar Hero(s). I guess the calorie count isn’t new either. At least they have new characters!

  3. I liked the old Characters. Alic was the best.

    As for Guitar Hero, I love those as well as Rock Band. I’m a plastic instrument playing rock star. 😉

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