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Last night I was lucky enough to get a shot at a few of the stages and modes of Battlefield 3, and I have to say I was impressed. First off we watched a presentation from the developer of Battlefield 3, which you can see HERE, and then we were left to roam free. There was campaign mode set up on Xbox 360s, PS3s, as well as Co-op set up on some PS3s.

First off, I just have to say wow. Wow.

My first shot at it was on the Xbox, with a Razer Onza controller and Razer Chimaera headset. EA and Dice certainly know their stuff, because pairing up with this superior controller and headset really brought it to another level. The first thing I noticed was the graphics, I know that main thing that’s been publicised about Battlefield is the amazing graphics, but I wasn’t prepared for just how good they were.

For a taste of it, here is the first of many examples I will be drooling over, the glare coming off the sun as you exit a tunnel makes you feel like you are literally walking out of a tunnel wearing headgear. Plus, walking through the streets, the banners on the sides of the buildings were flapping in the explosion-ridden breeze. This small attention to detail speaks volumes about the game.

The campaign levels I played through were so involving and interesting that I could have sat down and played through the entire game in one sitting. It wasn’t just the visuals, but the sound. The whole thing drew you in and had the entire experience and feel of everything your soldier was doing. The tactile experience extended to the cutscene, where you could literally see the dust particles floating around in the air.

The gameplay was great, the weapons handled well and the controls were user friendly. The game had a good way of introducing you to the controls quickly and making you get accustomed to the feel of the game without pressuring you too much in the beginning.

I won’t go into the game itself too much, but at one point you got to take out a sniper with a rocket launcher. A freaking rocket launcher. You get to watch half the building fall apart under the ownage of your rocket launcher.

The co-op mode wasn’t quite as impressive as campaign, perhaps the levels that we played through weren’t as visually impressive as the campaign levels I tried, but again the gameplay was quite fun. Although, to be honest for half the level didn’t seem to require co-op tactics. Once in the meat of the battle, that was when everything hit the fan. Being thrown in the middle of the battlefield was fantastic, at first it was messy and bewildering, but once you get familiarised with it, it totally kicks ass.

I have to say, I was keen for Battlefield 3 before, but now I’m practically frothing at the mouth for it.

Make sure to check out our interview with the global Battlefield community manger HERE. Plus, take a look at the gallery of photos below!

Battlefield 3 comes out on October 27 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Make sure to grab your copy when it comes out, it is definitely gonna be worth it!

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  1. Only 2 weeks till this game comes out and is looking to be a very enjoyable game to play, really can’t wait to play this.

  2. I must agree its an amazing game, graphically its very impressive, so many great little touches in the game that you wouldn’t expect to see. Gameplay is very smooth. Can’t wait to get my hands on this and also try out the new Co-Op mode.

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