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Arkham City PC release and DLC problems

PC gamers can start an official countdown to the release of Arkham City – the rather vague ‘November’ release date has been officially updated to November 15 for North America and November 18 for the UK. These dates are exactly one month after the console release dates, so it’s fairly safe to assume that Australia will see the PC version on November 19 – or a few days before, you never know!

And that broken console release date in Australia has had it’s consequences – gamers who picked up the game early were unable to access the content locked away behind online codes – having to wait until the official release date arrived to be able to access all the content they had paid for.

And to add to that, some gamers are having no luck accessing the Catwoman content of the game even after the official release date has come and gone.  After controversially announcing that it would only be accesible via an online pass, some brand new retail copies are being delivered with mixed up codes (2 for Joker content, none for Catwoman), or a blank space where the code should be.

Over on the Arkham City official forums some users are even reporting that online retailers are requesting the entire order to be shipped back so that another can be sent out with the code included. Some Xbox 360 owners are having issues with ‘corrupt DLC’. Happy gamers this does not make. Warner Bros are at least aware of the Catwoman problem, and as you can see from the Tweet above, are working on a fix.

I didn’t think it was possible, but online pass codes just got even more unpopular!

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