Aiko Island released on iOS for half price for a limited time

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Aiko Island is a new physics based puzzle game on iOS. Aiko Island runs under the simple concept of destroying the evil red Aiko and returning cookies to the blue Aiko, while also making sure to not lose any of the blue Aiko. Aiko Island has 125 challenging levels, using a variety of tools such as ropes, cannons, explosions, and so on.

Plus, if 125 levels aren’t quite enough for you, IceFlame has promised that more levels will be delivered in later updates. Aiko Island also has leaderboard features, specifically with Game Center and Openfeint.

For the launch IceFlame are selling the game for 50% discount, $0.99 for iPhone and iTouch, and $1.99 for iPad. Make sure you grab it quick!

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