Afterfall: InSanity – November Release

PC News Horror Shooter

In a post World War III nuclear holocaust, you have been driven underground for pure survival. Twenty years into the aftermath, the year is 2023 and the presence of nuclear residuals is not your immediate concern. However, you must face mutated patients with the help of fellow scientists. Playing as the psychologist Albert Tokaj, you will find yourself haunted by decisions in your past and question your own motives in the present. Find clues to the mysterious happenings in your dark corner of the world to rid yourself of the spreading madness. Destroy mutants and remove any other threat that stands between you and the truth.

I am excited for the Novemember release of this Sci-Fi shooter. Hopefully, this will be a game that will scare gamers during daylight. Check out the screenshots and trailers released by Nicolas Games below to see post-apocalyptic, real world environments and unique mutations involved in Afterfall: InSanity.

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