The Sims Medieval storms the iOS

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EA Mobile has released the latest installment in the Sims series for iOS, The Sims Medieval. The Sims Medieval is a markedly different type of Sims app, allowing players to create their own hero, guild and fight their way through the medieval life. You can play mini games, go on quests, and choose a range of new avatars to play as. As always, you get to shape who your Sim is, you can make them anyone from a dungeon master, serf, jester or even a good old vampire.

With advanced graphics, combat and weapon capability and a great reimagining of the Sims – Medieval stylin’! – The Sims Medieval looks like an epic installment to the Sims series. Definitely one to pick up and install on your iPhone for hours of portable fun.

Keep an eye out on the site for a review!

The Sims Medieval is available now for iPhone, iTouch and iPad on iTunes for $5.49 – HERE

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