The Darkness makes a return to our screens and nightmares

PC 2K News FPS Horror Playstation 3 Xbox 360

Four years after the initial installment of the Darkness, Top Cow Productions and publisher 2K Games are gearing up for the release of its sequel, the Darkness 2. Jackie Estacado is back and so is the Darkness he’s been trying to bottle up. The sequel boasts the same incredible story written by comic book author, Paul Jenkins, who was responsible for the writing behind the first Darkness. Another addition is quad-wielding with being able to control the two demon arms at the same time as firing two weapons. These features, plus a lot more, are guaranteed to bring a pretty awesome sequel to our gaming screens on February 10 2012.

For more information including a kickass trailer, developer Q&A, podcasts, downloads, and media. Head on over to And with a name so warm and cuddly you just know this game is going to be as happy go lucky as the first one.

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