Sonic Generations Rival Render Revealed

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Shadow the Hedgehog made his debut on the Dreamcast in 2001’s Sonic Adventure 2, and quickly became a very popular character amongst Sonic fans. The anti-hero has been one of the few new editions to the recent Sonic roster to be so happily embraced, and as a result even scored his own self-titled game in 2005. Occasionally known as “The ultimate life form” he is often seen with a Chaos Emerald, of which he has the ability to distort time and space using his signature technique “Chaos Control.” With speed that also rivals Sonic, this guy is one tough rival!

After recently announcing Metal Sonic for Sonic Generations, today SEGA has released this render of Shadow and has announced he will be a rival appearing in the upcoming game where he is sure to be a challenge! Little is known of his role within the game, but I think it’s safe to assume he’ll be a boss in at least one stage, but weather if he’ll be playable or not is unknown. Stay tuned as more rivals are yet to be announced-hopefully some more classic ones to help celebrate 20 years of everybody’s favourite blue hedgehog!


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