One Single Life gets a sequel

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The super popular, devastatingly realistic One Single Life (which involves you playing through a platform game with only one life, and when you lose that you get locked out of the game) has been granted a sequel by developers FreshTone Games. The levels and graphics have been given a bit of a rehaul to make it all look sleeker and play harder. The game has OpenFeint and Game Center features, supplying worldwide leaderboards and a list of those who played through the game with their single life.

Also, they’ve added an in-game purchase of infinite lives. It’s basically a purchase-able cheat for those who want to beat the game without having to uninstall and reinstall the app, but disqualifies you from leaderboard fame.

Another extra feature is ‘death-cam’, so you can relive your death in grisly handy-cam-style detail.

Single Life 2 goes on sale September 15 on iTunes for $1.99, make sure to pick yourself up a copy and fight for that life.

BRB, playing games.

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