Nintendo Blows out new Trailer for Kirby’s Return to Dream Land…

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It’s rare when a simple trailer can change my mood for the better, but the new clip that Nintendo released today for Kirby’s Return to Dream Land did just that. As many of you know, this Kirby title is coming for the Wii and is set to return Kirby to his non-yarn roots with up four player co-op multi-player and a brand new and very fluffy plotline.

This clip shows the game in action with a lot of new footage, displaying the many abilities Kirby will have at his disposal once he sucks up an enemy. Multi-player also looks to be a key ingredient, as players must work together to progress. Without me babbling on too much longer, go ahead and feast your eyes upon the new trailer below, and dust off those Wiimotes as Kirby’s Return to Dream Land launches on October 24th.

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