Max Payne HD Port Coming to Mobile Devices

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The original Max Payne was a ground breaking third-person shooter released in 2001, sporting a stylish presentation and engaging story, making Mr Payne one of the action genre’s first multi-dimensional characters in video game history, as well as helping of popularizing the idea of ‘bullet-time’ along side The Matrix, and along the way gathered both a significant fan base and collection of awards. The gritty neo-noir action classic spawned a franchise that has sold over 7 million copies worldwide and even a hollywood movie.

Today Rockstar announced that this classic title will be ported to mobile devices later this fall, complete with a full HD treatment. Max Payne will include connectivity and support from the Rockstar Games Social Club and also contain the same features as the PC version, including HD graphics and high-resolution textures, complete with deep, customisable controls. Very little details have been revealed so far, but Rockstar have told us to stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.


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