Limited Edition Uncharted 3 Controller Announced

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It’s beige. It’s brown. It’s cartographic fantastic! (I had to, I apologise!)

Sony Japan has just revealed that a limited edition Dualshock 3 controller will be released alongside Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception when the game debuts there on 2 November. So far this is only scheduled for a Japan release, but with Uncharted being such an internationally popular franchise it would be a bit strange to leave out the rest of the world.

Personally I’m a bit surprised at the choice of the design – it looks a lot more like a Lord of the Rings style controller than anything to do with the Uncharted franchise! I can see where they are coming from with the map design, Uncharted does hinge on exploring, and yes, that involves maps. But given the lush environments and generally vibrant style of the game, I would have expected something a bit bolder. If this controller sees a worldwide release, will you be snapping it up?

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