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Lap Uranus released on iOS

With a name that begs for a naughty pun (honestly, the strength required to hold back was almost too much), Lap Uranus has made its debut onto iOS. Lap Uranus requires you to go around Uranus as many times as possible without being sucked off into space or smashing into Uranus (oh the strength it took). The developers don’t have as much restraint, and the game itself is rife with naughty little digs at itself, which I always love in games because it shows a sense of humour on the developer’s parts.

Lap Uranus is a free app purchase for single player mode, but includes an in-app purchase for multiplayer. The developers are also looking at adding some in-app purchases for real world merchandise, which considering the name, could end up with a pretty interesting range.

Go grab the app for FREE from the iTunes store – here

Jessica Barabas-Bui
Jessica Barabas-Bui
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