Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Hall Cavern trailer

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Following on from the amazing footage at Gamescom, EA are back to whet our appetites some more with a new demo for Kingdoms of Amalur, showing off more gameplay and stunning environments. In this demo Lead Designer Ian Frazier and Lead Combat Designer Joe Quadara immerse us in Brigands Hall Cavern, a last resort hang out for shadowy cultists hell bent on conjuring up Niskaru or creatures of chaos magic.

Not being brought up on a steady gaming diet of RPG or MMO’s, my interest in this title is being hugely swayed as more in-game play and information is being trickled to us by EA. Combat looks almost arcade or action like rather than displaying traditional RPG elements which should be hugely appealing to many who dont have the time to get 100% involved in every aspect of a game. Saying that the deisgners are quick to remind us that this is an RPG game and your decisions and eventual destiny are based on what items you purchase and the decisions you make regarding your inventory and path.

In an industry saturated with games from every genre, its often the small attention to detail that makes or breaks a title, and Kingdoms of Amalur looks to have enough in it to keep even the most hardcore fan and critic satisfied. Tell us what you think of the demo and keep tuned for more Kingdom of Amalur news.


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