Grease coming to PS3, XBOX360 in all its leather clad glory

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Time to dust off your leather and denim, slick back your hear with some bryll cream (really old hair care product more akin to car grease) and , as 505 games bring the classic stage-show and iconic film Grease into your living rooms via the PS3 Move and Xbox360 Kinect. Warm up this fall by dancing and singing your way through your favourite Grease tunes such as “You’re the one that I want”, “Greased Lightning” and “Summer Nights”, either by yourself or teamed up with friends.

Key features of Grease will include

Sing – Complete with 15 original songs from the film as well as 5 bonus tracks

Dance – Express your inner creative soul in the duet choreography and freestyle sections or enjoy the rock n roll routines and freestyle play

Game modes – Dance mode and Karaoke mode both with versus and co-op play

Co-op – Up to 8 players can compete in teams of 4 consisting of 2 dancers and 3 singers

Grease will launch onto the North American market on PS3 and XBOX360 on October 25th with a worldwide launch following shortly after on November 4th.
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