Gears fans – want your own COG armor?

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Want your own COG armor? Well this one of a kind suit (minus the lancer, underclothes and boots) could be yours! What’s the hitch? Well to get an entry code you have to purchase one of Calibur11’s fully customised Gears of War 3 Vaults, released today in the UK and available on their website for 69.99 GBP. As previously reported, the Vault is specially designed for the Xbox 360 Slim model, and improves airflow and console stability. It comes complete with a controller cradle and is emblazoned with a Crimson Omen – it even glows red whenever the player is downed in Gears of War 3!

One lucky buyer will walk away with the COG suit, whilst 100 runners up will receive a ‘bleed out’ inspired hoodie. You do have to be over 18, and live in Europe or Asia-Pacific to enter, so if you were ever considering splashing out on a Gears of War Vault for your console, with the game less than a week away and this amazing suit up for grabs, now is the time to buy.

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