First-look at F1 2011 on PS Vita for TGS 2011

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Codemasters gave gamers their first hands on with the PlayStation Vita edition of F1 2011 at Tokyo Games Show today. It’s the first time the public has got a glimpse at the handheld build of the game, despite being told of its existence and plans to release the game sometime after the console version.

To accompany their showcase of the game, Codemasters revealed the first video for F1 2011 on PlayStation Vita entitled ‘Compete on the Go’. The first gameplay video is captured from work-in-progress footage and reveals some of F1 2011’s key features including a two vs. two co-op mode and four player competitive racing, presumably trying to focus on the fact that, although the graphics have taken a hit, the gameplay should remain as solid as ever and it is playing to the system’s strengths with multiplayer play.

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