Daisuke Sato says that Yakuza: Of the End would have “tweaked controls” if localized for West

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It seems that a few things will be adjusted if Yakuza: Of the End actually sees a localization for Western release. Daisuke Sato, the director of Yakuza 3 and Binary Domain spoke with Joystiq during Tokyo Game Show and there he responded to a question as to how Binary Domain would compare to Yakuza: Of the End.

He said that “For the western version of Yakuza: Of the End — if that’s going to happen, then we will tweak the controls, to be closer to other western shooting franchises.” Of course the thing to pull out of this statement is that he said “if” not when. So while nearly every Yakuza game has made it to Western shores through some form of localization, Yakuza: Of the End isn’t exactly guaranteed.

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