With the imminent release of Champion Jockey, KOEI have released a final batch of snapshots from in game play, seemingly making it very clear to fans that the game will indeed feature varying weather conditions. It must have been raining the day the photography crew turned up to take these shots, showing off majestic beast and rider from every different imaginable angle. If you havent seen the youtube or official trailers for this game I urge you to have a peek at them, if not even just for the entertainment value as some of the movements and energy required on the Move, Kinect and Wii are a sight to behold. Saying this, the gameplay looks fun and crisp, and graphically looks to surpass its predecessors by a long way.

Champion Jockey G1 will be released on the 2nd September so keep your eyes peeled if you are a fan of the genre of simply looking for something different in the workout department as this one looks like it has all the necessary elements to keep you active.


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