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Have you ever wanted to know the Capsule Computers staff’s top 5 geeky crushes? No? Then too bad!!! We’re going to tell you who they are anyway, think of this as an up close and personal with the Capsule Computers crew as you get to know our top 5 geeky characters and people we secretly drool after, so do read on and find out who they are and why.

Grace Mitchell – Aura

1. Wolverine

I’ve been in love with Wolverine since I was like 14. When I was younger I saw him as a sign that it was all right to have so much anger in me and to even be called an animal because of my ferocity. Later on I have seen him as a sign of strength and well his own animalistic anger has a bit of charm 😉

2. Alucard

If I was ever to create a vampire it would have been Alucard. He is all powerful, laughs when people try to attack him and general society, makes snide jokes, drinks blood out of freaking blood bags, and to top it all off he turns into shadows with eyes <3 I just think he’s so fucking hot.

3. Rorsharch

I love the darkness within Rorsharch and his total determination in what he believes in. He saw the world in black and white, he saw the creatures that people had come and didn’t hold back. He might be fucked up in the head but I admire him and honestly have a crush on him for his determination and for cleaning the streets of the filth that no one else dares to clean up.

4. L

I can’t help but just love a genius who is wacky and seems a bit off. I love the way he sits on his chair, his obsession with sweets, his over the top intelligence, his fighting skills and of course the way he gives percentages to everything. L = <3

5. David Tennant as Dr.Who

Wacky, hyper, funny, intelligent and the awesome hair. I just love him so much. He is so much fun to watch and is defienetely my favorite Dr.Who.


Dustin Spencer

1. Lisa Turtle

2. Aisha Whateverherlastnamewas

3. Sarah Silverman

4. Lori Beth Denberg

5. Gabrielle


Luke Halliday

1. All of AKB48

2. Alison Brie

3. Natalie Portman

4. Yui

5. Nami


Ben Webb – Linkage Ayexe

1. Kristen Bell

2. Kristen Bell

3. Kristen Bell

4. Kristen Bell

5. Kristen Bell


Claire Phillips


1. David Tennant’s Dr Who – Because he’s completely charming, genius smart and occasionally bespectacled. He hits the manic tone perfectly and toes an interesting line between harmlessly eccentric and dangerous. That and he’s very, very lovely to look at in his converse and long brown coat.

2. Dracula from Van Helsing – the Hugh Jackman movie. He has an atrocious accent and ridiculous hair, but for some reason my brain sees this and finds it attractive. I think it’s a combination of the voice and the gravity defying walks across the ceiling. Oh! And the masquerade ball, mmm….

3. Viggo Mortensen/ Aragorn– He acts, writes, sings, paints, is in one of my favourite movies playing one of my favourite characters, and is as manly-man as you can get when traipsing through orc infested fantasy worlds -done deal.

4. Vegeta – This one I know for sure makes me insane. He’s got a widow’s peak from hell, a monkey tail, serious anger issues and is a bit of a short arse; but I love him. Goku loses out for being too damn stupid, although there is always Gogeta…

5. Severus Snape – Harry Potter. I know. But it’s Alan Rickman – The Voice TM. I could listen to the man all day. Who doesn’t lust after a snarky, belligerent wizard who lives in a dungeon?


Jed Bradshaw – THE JEDINATOR !!

1. Yvonne Strahovski – Starring in the geek friendly show CHUCK, Yvonne is as deadly as she is beautiful. Plus, she is a character model and provides the voice for a character in the Mass Effect series.

2. Cortana – Sassy, smart and virtual, Cortana provides inspiration, intellect and humor to the Halo series. Her personality can be all over the place, but that is what makes her special.

3. Sherry Jackson – Although only acting in a few limited roles, her appearance as an Android in the original series of Star Trek, she proved she had the looks and talent to be a star. In fact, she is probably one of the better actors throughout the entire series.

4. Valentine – From the book, Ender’s Game, Valentine is as sweet as her name suggests. However, she can also be as cunning and ruthless as the best of them, although her ethics prevent her from crossing the line.

5. Queen Amidala – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was undoubtedly my jumping off point when it comes to science fiction, video games and my fascination with other geek items. And of course, Queen Amidala was my favorite part of the movie.


Phil Federico – MasterAbbott

1. Summer Glau – OMG If I had the chance I’d ask her to marry me. She is possibly the most attractive women on the planet in my eyes. An amazing and very talented actress, I especially enjoyed Summer’s role as John Connor’s protector in Terminator “The Sarah Conor” Chronicles. I hope Summer comes down for Supanova next year so I can propose to her 😉

2. Chun-Li – (Street Fighter) Chun Li is one of the most hottest video game characters on the planet. She’s beautiful and very athletic, she ticks all my boxes. Most important she can fight! I love a woman that can flip upside down and perform the “Spinning Bird Kick and cause some major damage with her long sexy legs.

3. Poison – (Final Fight) Ok Ok Ok .. Yes Capcom did turn Poison into some sort of freaky half woman half man thing because she was too revealing in the game for younger audiences. But now that she’s back as a playable character in Street Fighter Vs Tekken, looks like she’s revert back to her true form. All woman, and VERY hot, she can tie me up with her hand-cuff any time.

4. Jill Valentine – (Resident Evil) Ok now what’s not to like about Jill, she’s tough, beautiful, able to handle large weapons with ease and most importantly not scared of zombies. Honestly Jill is the PERFECT women, with her by side and hopefully in my bed I can rest assured I won’t have to worry about anything or anyone ever again. <3 you Jill

5. Lara Croft – (Tomb Raider) From the very first time I laid, eyes on Lara Croft I instantly fell in love with her, an amazingly athletic, intelligent woman that knows what she wants and how to get it. By the way did I mention she’s loaded as well, she could be my sugar mamma. I can stay home and spend all her money while she’s out finding valuable relics and saving the world from destruction.


Matt Vella

1. Lillymon (Digimon)-Shut up and don’t judge me! Lillymon seems cute, innocent, and like someone you could take home to mum and dad. Plus she’s technically a plant so I could keep her in my room all day. She’s loyal, has a tomboy-ish personality so I reckon we’d get along well, but still looks pretty girly and she’s a plant so I doubt she’d be a smoker. I don’t care that she isn’t human, love knows no bounds of limits!

2. Princess Toadstool Peach (Super Mario Bros.)-She’s a blonde, rich, royal, well-mannered, loves cake, can defy gravity by levitating, athletic and I know she’s got to be a really good kisser, because Mario was willing to travel through 8 worlds just to get just a little kiss! Sure; she’s also stubborn, has violent mood swings and has a really annoying high-pitched voice, but like I said…….she’s rich! 🙂 She can be my princess any day, and just like what Nicholas Cage says in that movie Face/Off: “I can eat a peach for hours!” 😛

3. Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z) – Before you say ‘she’s an android, you can’t go there!’ Yes you can n00b, she’s was human until she was enhanced by Dr Gero, and I know she can do the deed because she gave birth to Pan, so there! 18 is just like the girls I hit on in real life: she’s stylish, has a decent sense of humour, is a rebel, out of league, and can easily kick my ass. Yeah, Im into bad girls. However, I’d go for the 18 from the Cell Saga, before she was a MILF, just cause I want the rebellious youth 18 to be mine!

4. Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)-Mai has very, very big umm…personality! Furthermore, her character design was based on tales of kunoichi, or female ninja, who used seduction to catch enemies off guard before striking. Mai uses her bouncy ‘womanly attributes’ as a tactic in combat. As a male, you can’t blame me for developing a slight crush on her.

5. Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)-Yeah sure, she has the same IQ as a pebble, she can’t even fight her own battles half the time, she’s unorganised and a complete mess…..but damn! She’s cute! Plus I suppose being so pathetic at everything in life including being a super hero will make me feel a little needed, which is nice. My life goal is to get with a cute Sailor Moon cosplayer….any takers, ladies?

I hope you all enjoyed learning about our crazy little crushes. Hey while you your waiting for part 2, maybe you would like to share your own with us 😀 leave a comment below with your top 5 if we think they are cool we might throw one of you over a prize.

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