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Take a look at 20 preset faces for every playable race in Skyrim

What face will you be wearing when you take on the dragons of Skyrim? Well we’ve already seen what the characters themselves can look like when they are all put together, but those are all just singular faces placed on top of bodies. How about seeing an entire galleries worth of faces for each class that is playable in Skyrim? Well my friends we are in luck, because today Bethesda released the below compilation images.

These compilation images show off twenty different preset faces for each playable race which will be used in the full The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim title when it is released in November. There are two hundred different faces to see here, which means that if you aren’t currently scanning through your favorite race to see what type of customization will be available then shame on you. Personally I’m going to have to vote for Khajiit. What do you think?

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Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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