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Sonic CD announced for re-release on nearly every game platform

Sega has continued to show their support for bringing back old Sonic titles by announcing that they will be releasing, or rather re-releasing Sonic CD on nearly every playable platform that there is available at this moment in time. Sonic CD will be available “late” this year on the PSN, PC, all iOS devices, Android and Windows Phone 7.

The only version that the game isn’t being released for is the WiiWare, which isn’t much of a loss due to the Wii’s current state of decline and quiet death. The game will also feature music from both the Japanese and European version of the game when it was originally released which is for the benefit of American fans, as the Japanese soundtrack is accepted as superior. Currently there is no news of how much Sonic CD will cost, though we can expect an announcement for that sometime in the coming weeks.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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