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Skyrim’s Argonian race given their first screenshot

The world of Elder Scrolls is full of many different races, but not all of these are human or even elven. A few days ago Bethesda revealed what the Dark Elven race would look like in the land of Skyrim, but some people still wanted to see what the more elaborately different races would look like. Thus we have a new screenshot today from Bethesda which shows how the Argonians will look this time around.

I’d have to say that the Argonians have received a major facelift since the past game and this is most certainly a good thing. This particular Argonian looks like a female warrior, as she is wearing leather armor and a sword at her belt. Out of all the races, the most unique was the Argonian and now we finally know what this cold-blooded race will look like when Skyrim is released later this year on November 11th.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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