Saints Row The Third’s Smooth Criminal Edition outed by EB Games Australia

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Occasionally you hear about a special edition of a game that is being offered overseas, but not in your own country. Then you contemplate just how expensive it would be to get that special edition delivered to your door overseas. Such is the case regarding the recently revealed Smooth Criminal Edition of Saints Row The Third.

EB Games Australia posted up a detailed listing for this package, claiming they have it exclusively and will be selling it for your standard overpriced $128.00 Australian. The package comes with your relatively standard bonuses, such as a soundtrack and a fancy unique packaging. But how about getting a pair of sunglasses, bullet-shaped ice cube trays and literal Saints Crest cuff links that are silver plated. This collector’s edition has everything and more. Lets hope it will be released in North America with this Smooth Criminal Edition, because if not then I’m going to have to pay a ton in shipping.

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