Pre-Order Rayman Origins from Gamestop & get Beyond Good and Evil for Free!

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If the quite massive Rayman Origins wasn’t enough to throw down a pre-order, Gamestop are looking to sweeten the deal with more Ubisoft greatness (no, not Imagine Doctor). Up until the November 15th release date, anyone who locks in the title at the retailer will receive a code to download Beyond Good & Evil HD for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Now with over 60 levels in Origins alone and the huge and vivid world to explore in Beyond Good and Evil, this could seriously lead to some serious playtime for those interested in checking out Rayman’s glorious platforming return as getting one of the best games of last generation in it’s definitive form is definitely a nice incentive.

If you by chance are one of the many owners of Beyond Good and Evil, I really must say based on what we have seen so far for Origins, it should still be worth every penny of it’s price-tag.

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