New Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trailer & Screens show Doctor Strange and Nemesis in Action!

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Capcom are bringing their all to Gamescom 2011, and with the release of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom lingering away in November, a brand new trailer and screenshots were fed to the crowd to assist with the wait time. This clip gives us a first look at both Nemesis from the Resident Evil series as well as the infamous Doctor Strange, who is one of Marvel’s most notorious characters from the comic book series of the same name.

It appears that Nemesis will be quite a tank and also feature an incredible hyper combo, while Doctor Strange will be more quick and agile, using his magic abilities to assist in overcoming foes. Check out the trailer and shiny new screenshots below and once more info for the other new characters in UMVC surface, we will sure to bring you the reveals here.

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