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Microsoft announces Age of Empires ‘Season Pass’ that will offer six months of content for one price

Age of Empires Online is out and it is free-to-play. The game is an MMORTS and although the game is free to play without any hidden charges, there will still be some content that will be in the game that you will have to pay for. Gas Powered Games, developer of the title, has announced that they are going to be working on new content for the MMORTS all the time and of course this content will have a price tag on it.

For this, Microsoft will be releasing a Season Pass for the game. At Gamescom, Microsoft said that the Season Pass will allow gamers to access all premium content and download it for free. The pass itself will cost $99.99 and last for six months at a time. Although this may be a bit expensive, though at the moment if you bought everything available for the game right now it would cost around $60, so perhaps this pass is actually a must have for hardcore fans of the game.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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