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Mardock Scramble English Dub Cast Announced

The English dub cast of Mardock Scramble has been announced for the Sentai Filmworks dub of the series. This news comes hand in hand with the announcement of the DVD release of the first part of the film trilogy next month. The cast is as follows:

  • Rune Balot voice by Hilary Haag
  • Oeufcoque voiced by Andy McAvain
  • Dr. Easter voiced by David Matranga
  • Shell Septinos voiced by Kalob Martinez
  • Dimsdale Boiled voiced by David Wald
  • Medium the Fingernail voice by Chris Ayres
  • Mincemeat the Wink voiced by Andrew Love
  • Rare the Hair voiced by Luci Christian
  • Flesh the Pike voiced by Rob Mungle
  • Welldone the Pussyhand voiced by Chris Ayres

You can also check out the trailer for the first movie of trilogy of Mardock Scramble films below. Leave a comment letting us know what you think.

Luke Halliday
Luke Halliday
Senior Editor & Anime Specialist