Hackers revisit Bethesda forums

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Looks as though some of the hackers have returned from the hills after fleeing from potential lawsuits and federal agents; revisiting and re-hacking the Bethesda studio forums. The company themselves have acknowledged the attack, and have sent out an email to potentially affected parties notifying them of “a potential breach of our forum user database.” As is always done in these cases, all users must have their passwords reset and changed before logging on. Bethesda is also urging users to update and change details of any other account that uses the same password.
With LulzSec having ceased high profile attacks and also previously noting they “quite like” Bethesda, no one is sure who is responsible for the hack. What is known is that the studio is currently in a copyright lawsuit with Mojang, the publisher of Scrolls and Minecraft. While this could just be a coincidence, if the past is anything to go by, it looks like someone, somewhere has taken offense.

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