Final Release Dates Announced for Tropico 4…

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If you have been waiting to return to the role of El Presidente, you should now now that Kalyspo have finally came forward with an official release date for the long awaited Tropico 4. Interestingly enough, it was announced today that the dictator sim’s sequel will arrive first on the PC on August 26th, and then hit the Xbox 360 in “mid-September”.

There isn’t a whole lot of difference in either version, except the PC release will feature Facebook and Twitter integration that will let player’s boast about their achievements and feats while controlling their island in-game. This date has changed quite a few times for both versions, but it looks like Kalypso are not looking to change it again and future dictators of the world can finally rest easy knowing they are just weeks away from the official release for Tropico 4.

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