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A few weeks ago, Bethesda said if the official RAGE facebook page got 100,000 ‘likes’, Rage/Rage HD would be available for FREE on iTunes. Well now, the page has gotten more than they’ve bargained for, as they have reached a total of 101,277 ‘likes’ at the time of writing this article, and as a result, Rage/Rage HD is now FREE to download, but for this week only!

Bethesda’s on-rails first person shooter was previously available for the cheap price of only 99 cents, but it’s awesome to see that Bethesda are rewarding their fans for their support so generously. This free download is only available until 9:59 AM EST on August 24th, 2011, so you better be quick! You can pick up RAGE for FREE here and RAGE HD here. Get ready for some fun, free, first-person action! Thanks Bethesda!


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