Deus Ex: Human Revolution augments your life with new line of clothing

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There are many things that can be done with technology. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution there is actually quite a lot more that can be done with technology, but that is just a video game right? Well you can have at least a few pieces of that video game yourself, as Square Enix is teaming up with Musterbrand to offer a new line of Deus Ex brand clothing.

Now while none of this clothing will actually give you any special abilities nor is it robotic in any way, you can still sport some t-shirts and even a pair of jeans that sport some in-game logos. The special piece that can be purchased however is a relatively close replica of Adam Jensen’s trench coat. Don’t let him know you have it though, he looks more than a little angry up there without it. The store itself won’t be open until tomorrow and it will have both North American and International shops for those interested, though at the moment no prices are known for these items.

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