Dead Rising 2: Off the Record’s Bouncing Beauty and Lazer Eyes shown off

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One of the things that Capcom said would be added to the partially new Dead Rising 2: Off the Record was more combination weapons. Although some of them have been shown off, none of them had been highlighted at any given time. Until now that is.

Earlier today Capcom released two videos, each of them detailing a new combo weapon. The first one you can see below was available during the E3 demo shown off to the press and is called the Lazer Eyes. The Lazer Eyes will be made through a car battery and an alien mask and can shoot either singular beams or a singular arc beam.

The other video is of the Bouncing Beauty which is a new flying explosive weapon that looks to be made with fireworks and a propane tank. Zombie killing explosions never looked so wonderful huh? Something else that can be noticed in these trailers is that apparently the personal “massager” can now be combined to make a weapon. Exactly what weapon that is going to be will probably have to wait until Dead Rising 2: Off the Record comes out on October 11th in North America and October 14th elsewhere.


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