Dance Central’s new feature set revealed plus new cinematic

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Harmonix is aiming to improve Dance Central 2 in just about every way. First off, this game will feature playlists so you won’t have to stop dancing just to select another song. Up to 20 songs can be added in a playlist, and you can skip songs you don’t like if need be.

Next, voice control can used to select any song, whether it comes from your Dance Central 1 import or the Dance Central 2 game.

Finally, the “Break It Down” mode will teach routines to those of us who have trouble following on-screen dancers. Gamers can select different pieces of a song to hone their skills on, slow down the track if they want to see a certain dance move more clearly, or they can skip certain pieces of the track and speed it up too. The Xbox Kinect will also record your moves so you can see your dancing in action later and pinpoint weak spots in your routine.

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