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Citizen Skywatch – Why? What? Who? When?

Citizen Skywatch has set the gaming community abuzz recently. The mysterious website, with just one page and two words with really awesome font, is registered to Take-Two Interactive. However, no other details have been uncovered as to its true meaning as of yet. So, with no where else to turn, we are asking you dear citizens of the Capsule Computer’s community to please watch the night and day skies (and the interwebs if you have time) for any signs of odd activity. If you notice anything, shoot us an email, Tweet or Facebook Wall Post. Because quite honestly, we are busy. We don’t have time for that stuff, but we would really like to find out what the heck Take Two is hiding under their sleeves. 🙂 So far, our best guess is:

-An ARG that will reveal hidden content only after the mystery is solved.

-An unannounced IP (possibly from Rockstar) that will make its debut sooner rather than later.

-An alien website dedicated to making game journalists work *gasp!*

Check out the website here.

Make sure to check out the website for the full, glorious logo designed by Take Two. You can also check out the cryptic Twitter feed of Citizen Sky Watch here.