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Xbox 360 disc changer lets you be a full time couch potato

We have all done this:  plopped down and realized we forgot to insert a disc into the console.  Wishing we had the Force, we stretch as far as possible to the nearest game case, hoping our arms will grow.  But, eventually, you realize that it is a lost cause and you must give up your seat to enjoy the pixelated entertainment of your Xbox.

Today, Ben Heck has shown us another way. He has a video that details an Xbox 360 disc changer that is left only slightly unifinished.  It gives you the ability to sit back, relax, pick up a… uh… soda and change your LA Noire disc without leaving the safety, warmth and comfort of the  couch.  If you want to finish the project and bring about the future, sponsor element14 is offering viewers a chance to win the machine and finish it.  Or maybe you would prefer to make your own for the PS3.  That way, you can switch between My Little Pony and Barbie’s Adventure AT WILL!

Details on winning here.