Tales of the Abyss Dated for Australia…

News Bandai Namco 3DS RPG

Not too long ago, Namco revealed they would be releasing the 3DS version of Tales of the Abyss worldwide. Today, a release date was given to the highly anticipated title…at least for Australia anyway. On November 10th of this year, Tales of the Abyss will see a release down under and fans will finally get to experience the cult-favorite RPG in beautiful 3D with dual-screen support.

Now that we know that Tales of the Abyss will be releasing this year on the 3DS in Australia, the only question that remains is an official date for North America. Hopefully Namco will enlighten us on that news soon enough and if I had to guess now, I would say late October, early November might be a close assumption for that date. For now though, Aussies can breathe easy as Tales of the Abyss is now just 5 months away from touching down on the 3DS.

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