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SMASH! 2011 Cosplay Contest!


Cosplayers! They’re easily one of the most exciting things about any convention, and SMASH! was no different. While most cosplayers are happy enough to just to walk around the convention centre getting photos and being in general attendance, some of them opt for the more fun and amazing cosplay contest.

The cosplay contest was amazing to observe from the superior seating, but the shots in this photo were taken from a better location by our own Editor-In-Chief. The Competition was amazing! There were so many cosplayers in attendance of the competition and all the entrants did so amazingly well! Props to everyone that won in that contest! Also, special shout out to the friend of mine cosplaying Card Captor Sakura with the massive wings!

Congrats to everyone who entered, the photo’s were great!

Check out the gallery below!
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