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Sega Releases New Trailer for Shinobi on the 3DS!

While Nintendo are currently working hard to bring back their mascots such as Kid Icarus, Mario, and Fox McCloud to the Nintendo 3DS, Sega also have been busy reviving franchises on the portable. Today, the company released the first trailer for Shinobi, which will bring the famed ninja out of hiding for the first time in over 8 years.

In the trailer, we get a brief history lesson on the series before finally seeing the first bit of footage for the game. Sega seem to be taking a classic approach with the gameplay as Shinobi seems to play about the same, but now with enhanced 3D graphics and all new magic attacks that Jizo Musashi (Joe’s father) has at his disposal. Check out the new trailer below and get ready as Shinobi hit’s the 3DS this September.