Having played the first 2 instalments and not thinking much of them in respect to the GTA franchise, i was fascinated and in awe at the footage i saw in this trailer. Whether you argue that it looks initially like it has strayed a little from its roots there is no denying that visually and creatively this title looks like a winner. Drew Holmes the writer for Saints Row the Third talks us through the style of gameplay they were trying to create, with an emphasis on having a non scripted open sandbox for players to enjoy. While not too much was revealed in relation to how missions are structured, Holmes explains how players wont have to work their up to the top dog position like in most other crime syndicate based games and get to enjoy life as the kingpin right from the get go. Driving looks to have also received a major overhaul. Theres no hiding the aim of this game was to be over the top and it looks like Volition has spared no expense in the creativity department. Take a look and tell us what you think of it.

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