Bethesda unleashes new Rage Arsenal trailer

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Feel the passion in Bethesdas new trailer titled “Arsenal”,  as members of Team ID talk about what they know best, weapons, gadgets and general mayhem. Seriously i would not want to be the enemy of any army that had these guys working in their weapon division, so thank god for world safety that they have chosen game design as a profession rather than on some secret sub atomic thermonuclear project. Rage is a fast paced first person shooter, complete with manic vehicle combat, awe-inspiring environments and stunning graphics all made possible by ID 5 technology. With a storyline set in the not too distant future, an asteroid has destroyed the Earth, leaving the remaing humans to rebuild whilst alos having to protect themselves from a whole host of gangs, mutant and evil critters.

Team Id seem to have a heavy focus on providing the gamer with a unique experience, with one member stating the aim was to provide players with different weapons, gadgets and add-ons with each new level and environment. I had to chuckle out loud with the sheer delight on of the teams faces and in his voice when describing shotguns and watching heads explode. They describe a lot of the experience is in the reaction of the gun to pulling the trigger and the representation of the mayhem it causes on the other side. As well as the massive amount of varied weapons available there are some really cool additions such as the ability to build turrets. Other gadgets such as sentry bots and robots can be used by players to take on the hoards of enemies trying to dismember you. Throughout the video the main theme seems to be the abioity for players to choose their own destiny. All gadgets and items can be manipulated in different ways meaning no 2 players will progress through the game in the same manner. Love the Western music overtones. Enjoy the trailer everyone and keep an eye out for this one its going to be EPIC.


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