Rage Preorder Comic offer at JB Hifi stores

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For any of you who for some reason have been living under a rock for the last 2 years, Rage is an upcoming title from Bethesda studios that the gaming world is awaiting with bated breath. And just to keep your palate wet and ready, if you pre-order the Rage Anarchy edition from JB Hifi you will get the super duper rare 3 comic book set not available anywhere else in AU or NZ. With issue 1 and 2 already out and issue 3 about to hit the shelves in August this is a rare treat for those lucky enough to be able to get into their local JB Hifi and preorder.

Written by Arvid Nelson the acclaimed creator of Rex Mundi, the comic book will be pencilled by Andrea Mutti (DMZ). With direct input from Rage’s creative designer Tim Willits, the comic series is be a fantastic insight into one womans discovery that humans can be no different to other animals. Set prior to the games events the comics provide a unique and rare insight into the world of Rage and provide many insights into the games intricate storyline.

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